About Square Seven

Square Seven is our local Egyptian real estate partner with a full service team of Realtors, Property Managers and Financial Analysts covering the top real estate markets across Egypt.

Square Seven is a real estate advisory with a strong knowledge in development, asset & property management, established in 2019 and building on the knowledge of real estate experts (the shareholders of Square Seven experience evolving to more than 20 years). Square Seven know-how is evolving from the real estate development market in Egypt and their expanding exposure that covers also major GCC region (e.g. UAE, KSA, …etc.). International market was part of their exposure covering parts of EU countries, North America & South East Asia.

Square Seven is the firm that is established to build bridges between land and property owners along with potential operators and investors with the knowledge of building cases for maximizing their ROI and IRR and establishing a long-term business propositions for our investors and funds.

Our Services

  1. Land & Property Evaluation:

    Based on our past experience and land pricing methodologies (driven by global technics) based on in-house & research team & secondary research, SQUARE SEVEN team develops the full due-diligence, assessment and evaluation related to the property or land for owners or developers.

  2. Best Use Analysis:

    With thorough studying and analytics of the project on-hand, SQUARE SEVEN studies the regulations and legalities related to the project from all development dimensions and based on the current geographical studies to consider the future overall planning of the region concluding the best use analysis for the land/ project, evolving from a residential – mixed use or even focusing on Commercial (retail / administrative use) or even medical / health-care reflecting the best ROI for both the land/project owner & the potential investor.

  3. Investment Models:

    Moving forward with the Best-Use analysis required deep studying related to the financial model built on the market dynamic and financial assumptions around the project, at SQUARE SEVEN developing the financial models from the feasibility studies (associates with project requirements), up-to cash flows and fundraising and investment injections and managing real estate funds are clear edge for the service that SQUARE SEVEN offers.

  4. Development Solutions:

    Managing relationships built on long-term commitments with current leading developers and investors network through land/project acquisition, co-development & revenue sharing models, driven by maximizing the return for both projects’ owner and developer /operator through engaging qualified operators & management parties building on professional & well-studied financial models with clear project financial KPIs for both entities.

  5. Commercialization:

    Moving utilized assets and properties into a revenue generating facilities / projects, building on developing both SQUARE SEVEN marketing and sales expertise, engaging property and asset management parties along with developing marketing & sales strategies in-line with the development strategy.

  6. Property Management:

    Developing property management models that fits the development strategy and engagement of in-house and third party agreements based on different tailor-made revenue generating models and performing the professional SLA meeting the core objective of the project; Whether the project is a residential complex, commercial project or even a medical center SQUARE SEVEN would reach the quality of service that meets the financial KPIs with the promised level of service.

  7. Disposition Strategy:

    At SQUARE SEVEN this is an integral part of evaluating opportunities and defining the investment life-time for current and potential assets & funds that we manage; through cumulative exposure of the market dynamics and projects’ evaluation deriving the right decision at the right time.

Our Values